3D Shapify Booth Featured on CBS

As featured on CBS:

HOUSTON – A Houston business is adding a new dimension to selfies, literally.

The so-called “shapies” use 3D printing technology that is more accessible than you may think.

Shoppers are stopping in their tracks at Memorial City Mall. The draw? 3D Makery’s new kiosk selling the ‘ultimate selfie.’ It can be of you, your spouse, child, or pet, anything that can be scanned inside the Shapify booth.

Twenty-year-old Joseph Perez was interested in the shapie of a car in the display cabinet. 3D Makery sales person explains, “We go to you and scan the car. It takes three to five minutes.” A hand scanner is used.

Perez wants to know if he can be in the truck for the sculpture and the answer is “Yes.”


Read the full article and watch the video here.

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